Have we made any progress since 2005? Bjorn Lomborg updates his classic TED Talk in a new talk at TED HQ

Have we made better choices since 2005?

TED Blog

[ted_talkteaser id=62]Bjorn Lomborg gave a mind-blowing talk at TED2005 on making big decisions about our global priorities. In it, he asked the question: If you had $50 billion, enough to solve either climate change or AIDS — which would you pick?

A redditor who discovered the video just last week commented:

“Um… isn’t there any opinion since 2005 about global priorities that might be more applicable to late 2013?”

Coincidentally, we had just asked Lomborg to come by our New York office to give us an update too, as part of a Tuesday night salon called “Sights Unseen,” curated and hosted by Diana Enriquez, our summer intern on the Content Team.

Lomborg started the night by giving us a sobering — and inspiring — glimpse at the progress the world has made on big goals in the past 113 years, as well as the progress that will be…

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